Sacramento SafePaws Pet Sitting


What Sacramento SafePaws Pet Sitting Is all about

At Sacramento SafePaws Pet Sitting, we provide top quality care for your pet with a personal and professional touch that is custom and unique to you and your pet's needs! We are passionate about our pets and treat them like family because we are family and they look to us as leaders in their pack! We understand that if your are contacting us in regards to care for your pet then you are equally passionate about your pet family and that makes us share that same passion for them!

The goal Here at Sacramento SafePaws Pet Sitting is to minimize the stress and worries for pet owner and their pets alike when considering reservations for their pet's care. With nearly three decades of pet ownership, over a decade of pet sitting for friends and family, and some veterinary back room experience, we understand the concerns that come with boarding and kenneling a beloved pet. These concerns can range from the risk of kennel cough to the  anxiety that the pet suffers from being misplaced from it's usual environment to the separation anxiety and depression they often suffer from  from while being away from there usual pack family members, (being their owners) all the way to the expenses involved with boarding, kenneling, and travel .

Sacramento SafePaws Pet Sitting was created by knowledgeable professionals to bring a solution to these concerns by caring for your pets in their home environment where they already feel safe and secure in their normal day to day routines. We believe that this will limit the stress on your beloved pet when you are away, ensuring a happier and healthier pet waiting to lavish you in affection on your return for a lower rate than you would expect to pay at a boarding facility.. Sacramento SafePaws is like a finely polished double edged sword, in that, we offer ease to your beloved pets as well as ease to your mind that you can rest assured that you beloved pet is safe in the hands of a Sacramento SafePaws Pet Sitting professional while you enjoy your vacation or minimize your stress during your day to day work schedule.

Help for the elderly and disabled:

At Sacramento SafePaws Pet Sitting We understand that just like pets, pet owners come in all shapes and sizes with unique needs as well. We recognize that there are elderly and disabled pet owners who keep these beloved family pets as companion animals for their health and well being. Sacramento SafePaws is sympathetic and empathetic to the fact that you are at a disadvantage and may need an extra hand to keep up on your pets daily needs. We offer a special set of various services at discounted rates for the elderly and disabled so that these needs can be met for you and your beloved pet by a compassionate and understanding Sacramento SafePaws professional.
Thank you for your service to our country!

Sacramento Safepaws would like to take a moment to recognize another special breed of pet owners out there. These men and women are a breed all their own because they put their lives on the line to ensure that the rest of us can rest easy every night knowing that we are in safe hands. It is with great pride and honor that we show our appreciation to your service by offering discounted rates on all of our services to any and all United States veterans past and currently enlisted in the United States Armed Forces!

Why Should you trust us with the care of your beloved pets?

1. We Have been in your shoes
 We have nearly three decades of pet ownership, ensuring that we will be understanding and empathetic to the needs of your pets as well as your needs and concerns as their owners.

2. Experience in the craft
We have been taking care of pets for friends and family for over a decade before founding Sacramento SafePaws Pet Sitting. We would like to invite you and your beloved pets to become part of the Sacramento SafePaws extended family.

3. Passion for pets
We are very passionate about what we do here. We will always treat our clients with the professional manners of a business, just like we would at any other job, but we will never feel like our job is just work. We view our pets as beloved family members and we treat our clients pets the exact same way. We view your beloved pets as extended family.

4.  Your pet's health
We care for your pet in your home because that will ensure a happier and healthier pet upon your return. This reduces the shock and stress a pet feels when an owner leaves them, by keeping their normal day to day routine while you are away. This also eliminates the risk of kennel cough your pet may be exposed to when being boarded at a kennel. They will also be happier that they are not pent up in a kennel for several hours a day while you are away and get their regular play and exercise.

5. Economy and budget
At Sacramento SafePaws Pet Sitting, we truly care more about your pet than the money. We offer lower rates than the local boarding facilities because we want your animal happier and healthier than they would be in a boarding facility. We also offer discounted rates for the elderly, the disabled, our veterans and currently enlisted military. Unlike some pet care and boarding kennels we do not charge separate for different services while pet sitting. If your pet is in our care for pet sitting all other services we offer are included at no additional charge.

6. Personal experience
This our way of saying quality customer satisfaction. We wont just take care of your pet the way we want to take care of them on the same schedule that every other pet is taken care of. We will talk with you and discuss how you want your pets taken care of and what their normal schedule is so that we can keep their daily routines the same as you want them. We believe that this will make the pet healthier and happier and we also believe that will guarantee customer satisfaction for the owners!

7. Variety
While pet sitting is a primary emphasized focus here and everything is included in pet sitting, we do offer other stand alone services for those who do not need pet sitting. these are for clients who are too busy or for any other reason unable to keep up on their pets daily needs or just want to add something a little extra every now and then. We can come to your home to walk your dog, scoop your pets poop, or clean the kitty box either once or on a regular basis.