Sacramento SafePaws Pet Sitting


Specializing in a personal and professional level of care so that when you are not there, you know their paws are safe in the hands of a Sacramento Safepaws Pet Sitting professional!

At Sacramento SafePaws we understand that your pets are your family members and children so they deserve the same level of care that you would want for your children when you are not available, and need an extra hand! We will customize our approach to your pet based on their needs as well as your rules and types of play allowed. We at Sacramento SafePaws feel it will be much more comfortable for your pet to stay and play in their own home where they already feel safe and secure. We believe that this will ensure a much happier and healthier environment and experience for your beloved pet.

We also understand that many owners have busy day to day work schedules and priorities that may prevent them from being able to take their dogs on regular walks as much as they might like to. For this reason, we also offer dog walks without pet sitting for those who just need their furry friend taken for a nice exercise which can be one time, as needed, or on a regular schedule basis!

We understand that pet families come in all shapes and sizes no breed of dog will receive any discrimination we are anti BSL and very pit friendly!

We offer pet sitting for a variety of animals to include Dogs, Cats, Lizards, Birds, Fish, Hamsters, ETC.  If you have an animal that is not included in this list please contact me and ask!

Currently Serving The Greater Sacramento Area!

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